2013 Kryptek Gear Lineup

Check out the 2013 Kryptek Gear Lineup

Kryptek 2013 Gear Lineup

Who is ready for the best Battlefield to Backcountry gear made? This is what us hardcore gear junkies have been waiting all spring for.  The NEW 2013 Kryptek Gear Lineup.  There is some awesome new gear, improvements to existing pieces and the go to gear we have grown to love over the last 2 seasons.  There will be a total of 22 hunting apparel items, 8 solid options, 7 Glove options, 15 Hat options, & 11 other accessory items.  By using the combination of these systems you will be able to cover every hunt & hunting environment you will encounter across the globe. This gear has been tested by some of the most elite teams of outdoorsmen, hardcore hunters and special ops groups that exist on the planet.  We have personally tested this gear internationally and we are always blow away at how well it preforms.

Kryptek Outdoor Group has taken a lot of pride in providing customized and performance based apparel and camo that is specifically tailored to the environment, meets or exceeds the performance expectations of the user, and consistently delivers required comfort, function, and durability.

Kryptek offers 6 state of the art camo patterns.  Most of the 2013 lineup will be in the showcased Highlander pattern, but be on the lookout for some things in Mandrake, Nomad, Typhon, Raid, & Yeti.
Here is a quick breakdown of the 2013 Kryptek Gear Lineup.  We will be doing follow up showcase articles breaking down each individual piece with more pictures and specifications over the next month before everything is released in June.  They will be linked to each piece of gear when they become available so make sure you check back from time to time to get the detailed look of each piece.

Kryptek Camo


  • Merino -(Highlander) Merino Wool ¼ zip base layer top & bottom in the highlander pattern.
  • Merino – (Kalamata) Merino Wool ¼ zip base layer top & bottom in charcoal gray.
  • Boeralis – Hybrid merino / primaloft baselayer

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Outer Layer

  • Valhalla Pant – Soft shell lightweight performance pant
  • Valhalla Shirt – Soft shell lightweight performance shirt
  • Alaios Pant– Soft shell light weight tactical pant
  • Helios Shirt – Hot weather shirt
  • Cerdic ll – Performance style hoodie
  • Attila – High performance fleece
  • Kratos – Primaloft jacket
  • Kratos Minus Vest – Primaloft vest
  • Dalibor Jacket – Softshell jacket
  • Dalibor Pant – Softshell pant
  • Vidar Vest – Soft shell fleece lined vest
  • Cadog Jacket – Soft shell fleece lined jacket
  • Cadog Pant – Soft shell fleece lined,  tactical pant

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Waterproof Layer

  • Posiden Jacket – 2 layer light weight waterproof rain jacket
  • Posiden Pant – 2 layer lightweight waterproof rain pant
  • Koldo Jacket – 3 layer waterproof high performance jacket
  • Koldo Pant – 3 layer waterproof high performance pant
  • Aegis Jacket – Extreme weather waterproof rain jacket
  • Aegis Bib – Extreme weather waterproof rain bib

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  • Highlander Flag Hat – Highlander Camo hat with American flag / Kryptek Logo.
  • Highlander Logo Hat – Highlander Camo hat with raised Kryptek logo.
  • Kiska Beanie – Highlander Camo beanie.
  • Wyot Balaclava – Highlander balaclava.
  • Distressed Hat – Grey distressed Kryptek hat.
  • Renegade Hat – Highlander and Typhon camo patch hat.
  • Outlaw Hat – Black Kryptek hat.
  • Attila Beanie – Fleece style beanie.
  • PVC Patch Hat – pvc style cap with Kryptek / American flag rubber patch.
  • Chaos Beanie- black and green beanie w/ merino liner.
  • Ringo Beanie – striped beanie
  • Mountain Hippy Beanie – mountain designed beanie
  • Camp Visor – Highlander and Typhon visor
  • Pathfinder Beanie – Fleece lined Beanie
  • Shadow Beanie – Knit style beanie

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  • Aegis Glove – Cold weather glove with liner
  • Rouge Midweight – Mid season soft shell glove
  • Slipknot – Early season softshell glove
  • Norlander – Soft shell glove
  • Gunslinger – Form fitting tactical glove
  • Ruckus – Form fitting tactical glove

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  • Kryptek Shemagh – Military style Scarf
  • Kryptek Last Chance Belt – High performance adjustable belt
  • Knee Pad – High performance knee pads
  • Velcro Flag Patch – flag patch with a Velcro back
  • Velcro Unit Patch – Kryptek Unit patch with a Velcro back
  • Flint & Steel Survival Bracelet – Braided survival bracelet
  • Suspenders – high performance adjustable suspenders
  • Kryptek Sticker – Battlefield to Backcountry sticker
  • Unit Patch Sticker – Kryptek unit patch sticker
  • Flag Sticker – American flag / Kryptek sticker

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