2012 Success on Alaska Spring Brown Bear

Alaska spring brown bear hunting reports have been trickling in for the last few weeks and everybody is saying the same thing, “the hunting is tough”.

With record snow fall and a late spring the bears just aren’t out and about like on normal years, but that didn’t keep our Alaska spring brown bear guides from filling our clients tags.

We had two Alaska spring brown bear hunters and they both shot behemoth bruins. Check them out:

Kim Frederickson Alaska brown bear
Kim Frederickson – May 2012 Alaska Coastal Brown Bear
Squared: 9′ 6″
Scored: 27 15/16″

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Bruce Templeton Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear
Bruce Templeton – May 2012 Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear
Squared: 10′ even
Scored: 27 7/16″

OI co-owner Cory Glauner went on this hunt to film. You can see the action on our video page.



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