Alberta Hunting in the Peace River Region is on the Rebound

2012 Season Review by our Alberta Hunting Outfitter
On the whole I am very pleased with this year’s Alberta hunting success. Due to the mild winters, we have been noticing a large increase in the amount of game in all species, whitetail, mule deer, elk and moose. This rise in game populations is very encouraging, it is a strong sign that we have been recovering from the severe winter we experienced in 2006. There is no doubt that we have be on the rebound since then and this is very positive for the upcoming years.

I am very confident we will be experiencing the same great success we had prior to 2006, these are the years I refer to the “good ole days” when we were deciding which 200 class muley we preferred to shoot.

Mule Deer

Cole's 195 B&C Alberta Muley
This past season, was looking very promising as we had scouted and earmarked a minimum of eight high end trophy muleys ranging from 185-220 B&C. As rifle season approached, we had optimum dry weather for the farmers, and harvest was earlier than we have ever seen. This allowed farmers to clear their fields in record time; however this also forced the deer to relocate. Nobody ever said hunting the north country was without it’s challenges, we still managed to get on some of our trophies and harvested a very heavy 195 ½ B&C, but also missed great opportunities at other trophy bucks. See our mule deer hunts here.

Elk and Moose

Bob Hilgart 6x6 Alberta Elk
Our elk and moose hunters went 100% and filled their tags with some fine 6×6 bulls and a respectable 3 ½ year old bull moose, their drive back to North Carolina was a lot shorter with a pile of bone in the pick-up box and deep freezer full of elk and moose meat.

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David Byrd's 178 Alberta Whitetail
We definitely left some giant whitetail out there to chase next year, but successfully took great trophy bucks scoring in the 150’s and 160’s. I find it is not what the client shoots that make him want to come back, but the bucks that he saw and was not able to get a shot at, that makes him look forward to returning next year. It is without a doubt that I feel I laid my eyes on one of the biggest whitetails I have ever seen, and I look forward to chasing him next season.

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I am proud to say we have one less wolf that was harvested during the November whitetail hunt, however there were plenty more where he came from.


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